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How to Order my products

It is not possible to place secure orders through this web site.
To place a secure order it is best through my Etsy pages by clicking the button.

Etsy is an onlione marketplace for peole like me who make crafted items for sale. It is a way to ensure ordering, and any payment you make, is secure. Wherever you see the MY ETSY PAGE button it will take you directly to the ordering page for that product.
Etsy will process your order and take payment using debite cards, credit cards or PayPal.
However, if for any reason, you do not wish to purchase through Etsy, and are not worried about using a secure payment method, you may order direct and pay by PayPal or bank transfer. Please email me so that I can quote you a price and send an invoice which will include shipping cost and my bank details. If paying by bank transfer I suggest making a small initial payment to ensure payment is made to the correct account.
Experience has shown that UPS are a reliable and cost effective company for shipping my products.
My Etsy page calculates the shipping cost and adds it to the price of the items your are purchasing. When I ship the item(s) I will email you tracking information for your UPS parcel. I generally use the UPS Standard (two-day) Service.
I use recycled packaging materials. Your parcel might not look "pretty" but your item will be safe and secure. If you need a faster service please ask me for a quote.
If you have any questions about any of my products please email me directly by clicking this link.