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Hand-crafted Footstools

Each footstool is unique.

They are all hand-made using wood scavenged locally from hedgerows and common areas. The varying colours of the wood means no two stools can be exactly the same.

The seat area is woven with either seagrass or 3-ply twine. Twines can be in various colours: beige, green, blue. As the wood is not "prepared" the variation in dimensions means that the weave too can vary from stool to stool.

A variety of wood is used, beech, willow, prunus, oak. The wood is chosen for its colour and rigidity.

All wood is sealed with a light coat of clear varnish.


Seagrass standard weave

Jute Twine H&S Green

A twine seat is softer than seagrass.

The seat can be woven in varying patterns. This cross-hatch pattern is in strip of ten strands inter-woven. As an alternative the pattern can also be woven in five strands.

Other colours of twine are available: natural, Hurst Gfreen, K&S Green and brown. For a personalised pattern colours could be mixed by using different colours for the warp and the weave. Other colours of twine are available as a special order and it is possible to weave a totally random pattern using three or four different colours.

Twin footstools £30.00
Seagrass footstools £45.00

Seagrass standard weave

The width of the weave in twin can be five strands or ten strands and colours can be mixed either in a uniform "chequer-board" pattern or as a totaly random mix of two, three or more colours.

Seagrass makes a very comfortable footstool, dipping towards the centre.

All of my footstools are of similar dimensions, although, as they are individually crafted, I cannot guarantee any two stools will be exactly the same size. Size is (approx.) 31cm high x 29cm wide.

Sea grass Cross Hatch

Hurst Gren Twine

Natural Twine

Brown and K&S Green

Random weave (special order)

K&S Green twine

Cross-hatch Sea Grass

Cross-hatch Jute Twine