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Hand-crafted Bird Nest Boxes

Each bird nest box is unique.

They are all hand-made using wood from recycled pallets. The varying colours, age and dimensions of the pallets means, whilst they are made to the same basic design, no two boxes can be exactly the same.

All wood is sealed with a light coat of teak oil and a clear, dull varnish.


On the left a box for robins, on the right a box for tits

Robin nest box

Larger birds, such as Robins prefer an open top, rather than a hole.

Small birds, tits, wren and other similar birds prefer a small hole. All Bird boxes have a removeable roof for easy cleaning at the end of the season.
All bird boxes have drainage holes in the base and a hole in the back for mounting on a screw or nail.

Nest box for larger birds

A larger more open nest box suits larger birds.

This larger box is ideal for blackbirds, thrushes and other simular sized birds.

Also a Bird Feeder
Designed to hold seeds, suet or a fat ball and for mounting on a wall or fence.
Size is approximately 15cm H x 10cm W x 5cm D.


Also bigger bird boxes for Blackbirds and other larger birds