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Hand-crafted wooden products


It all started with a repair.

We have two nice footstools at home, both seagrass. One of them got damaged and so I bought some seagrass and made a repair. I had some seagrass left over so I made a stool frame out of wood I found in our local nature reserve. Everyone said how good it looked so I thought maybe I could make some more. I was soon asked to make them as an unusual, but unique, house-warming gift.
Seagrass is quite costly, and only in one colour, so I bought some Jute twine and tried various patterns and colours. They look good, are comfortable and popular so now I am selling on Etsy. I do have one or two in stock but can make them to order. It takes three to five days to select the wood, carve the legs and stretchers, glue and varnish the wood frame and the to weave the top. Seagrass takes slightly longer to weave.
Other products
Keen to expand the range, I have recently added many other items to my product including bird boxes, bug hotels, and tea light holders. Still made with scavenged wood, no two are the same.

If you wish to purchase any of my products, you can buy through my Etsy pages by clicking this button.    or you can order direct from this website by emailing me your requirments. I can accept payment by card.  See How To Order.




Everything is made in my garage "workshop". Recycled pallets are broken apart and the wood is stored to dry out completely (pallets tend to be damp when they arrive).
The wood for footstools too is stored to dry and age a bit before I cut it to size. It is a great mix of willow, ash, plum, birch, anything I can find that is fairly straight. This is why each stool is unique, it depends entirely on the wood I can scavenge.